Loving And Losing Your Dearest Dog

Loving And Losing Your Dearest DogFiona Apple has stirred the world recently when she postponed her South American tour to stay home and take care of her dying dog. This decision may have disappointed some of her fans, but it has surely won her a bigger batch of new ones whose hearts have been touched and who can deeply relate with that decision.

‘One of the best feelings’

Dogs are funny yet adorable creatures. They give away all their sloppy emotions bit by bit. They love every little detail of the world and are not afraid to show it. They care only for their Mom or Dad (their owners, actually) and whatever morsel of food they could catch from the dinner table. Whoever comes between them and their object of love will be regarded as a barrier that they need to overcome.

Dogs will express their affection and trust in various ways. They will rain wet kisses on your face, charge at you and attack you with more sloppy kisses when you come home from work, kill a smaller and weaker creature and show it off by leaving it on your bed or at your door, cuddle with you during idle times, or gnaw at your shoes until you decide to pay them some attention. The larger dogs usually lean — this is their own version of a hug. And believe me, it is one of the best feelings you can ever experience ever — a mixture of love, awe, respect, trust, and more love.

‘Cannot help but lean back’

Sometimes, dogs are the best examples of unconditional love. When you leave your dog home alone for several hours for work, you still find him ecstatic when you come home. When you are reclining because you are sick or simply lonely, he seems to feel your loneliness and snuggle by your side to let you know he is there for you. When you accidentally scream at him or hurt him, he will be frightened for a while but will come back with the same intense affection he has for you. Dogs cannot speak, but he can understand the tone of your voice and your body language better than your best human friend.

Maybe for Fiona Apple, it was just that easy to let go of a big South American tour to be with a dying friend because that friend has been a constant companion to her — a true family member. When she made that sudden brave decision, maybe it was because she knew that money cannot buy the last few minutes that she can spend with her ailing pooch. True enough, when a dog who loves you starts to lean on you, you definitely cannot help but lean back.

Are you a dog lover? Would you do the same thing that Fiona Apple did for the sake of her dog?

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Video of Excited Dog Greeting Returning Soldier Goes Viral

The unconditional love of a pet stands out as being some of the most affectionate love there is. A video of a soldier being greeted by his dog is going viral, because the boxer is so thrilled to see his owner, so much that he cannot contain his excitement.

Nick endured being away from his country when served eight months in Afghanistan, and when he returned to his wife, Katie, in Germany, Chuck was overjoyed to see him.

Two words get Chuck so excited, that he leaps out of the back of a parked SUV as if on command: “Daddy’s home.” He then jumps all over the soldier, licking him and yelping with happiness. The soldier cannot even get a good grip on Chuck, because he is so happy and jumping and showing how much he missed his owner.

Katie uploaded the video to YouTube less than a week ago, and it already has more than 1.3 million views. This is not the first time Chuck has been a viral video sensation. A year ago, he welcomed his owner back from a different deployment, and he was just as thrilled to have him return home safely.

Source: Yahoo News

Image: Blippitt