Hollywood Turns Against Obama Over Alleged NSA Leak

Hollywood Turns Against Obama Over Alleged NSA LeakRevelations that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been secretly logging the phone and Internet activity of millions of Americans has caused a rift between President Obama and several of his Hollywood supporters.

‘Electronic prison’

Actor and liberal activist John Cusack tweaked the administration, tweeting “Prism the name for electronic prison – all have to wear lojacks,” in reference to the PRISM data mining program revealed in leaks by former NSA employee Edward Snowden last week.

Prominent writer/director Judd Apatow of “Knocked Up” fame also took to Twitter to blast the administration: “What is this, North Korea? We are so inundated with so much info and so many problems – we have given up caring.”

‘Lost all credibility’

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore also hopped on the bandwagon, tweeting “the administration has now lost all credibility” while spotlighting a 2007 Obama quote: “that means no more illegal wiretapping of American citizens. No more (spying) on citizens… No more tracking citizens…”

The Guardian broke the story late Wednesday that the federal government was collecting phone call records from Verizon customers. The Guardian and the Washington Post followed with a series of reports about the calls being taken from other telecommunications companies and that the NSA and FBI have a Internet scouring program, code-named PRISM, that records Internet activities, all part of a post-9/11 effort to thwart terrorism.

Are you okay with the NSA tracking your phone and internet records? Why or why not?

Source: Hollie McKay, Pop Tarts, Fox News

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Government Spying — Do We Still Have Privacy?

Government Spying --- Do We Still Have PrivacyIn the past few days, the nation has been shaken by a report that the government has been collecting phone and Internet data from Verizon.

‘National conspiracy?’

Many have been skeptical about this report. A few have sided with the government, saying that this is a necessary step to protect the country’s safety. But many fear that nothing is hidden from the security agencies anymore. So, this is our burning question: In a world where electronic surveillance abounds, do we still have privacy?

It has been revealed that the FBI and NSA have been collecting internet data using a top-secret program called PRISM for the past six years. Is this just another glitch or “scandal” in Obama’s administration, or can we now officially label it as a national conspiracy?

‘Violating civil liberty’

When the Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act were passed in Congress, the government was instantly handed a tool for extensive spying on individuals. And yet they continue to reason out that they NEED to do this in order to monitor terrorist activities and to maintain national safety. But are they overreaching and is it really necessary to tap into the phone and internet records of the country’s citizens?

Indeed, it is difficult to draw the line between protecting national security and violating civil liberty. Even we ourselves are divided on this issue. Times like this, we have a hard time protecting our privacy when every transaction we have is conducted online. And yet, we find ourselves looking over our shoulder to see if we are being tracked in our every move. Do we still have control over our privacy or is it now just an illusion for us?

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