Married 22-Year-Old Pretends To Be High School Baller

Married 22-Year-Old Pretends To Be High School BallerAs reported by Memphis CBS affiliate WREG and the Memphis Commercial Appeal, 22-year-old McKinzie Sewell used a fake transcript to enroll at Memphis (Tn.) Ridgeway High, where he starred on the boys basketball team. Sewell’s transcript was allegedly submitted to the school by his wife, who posed as his mother so he would have a back story to explain why he was enrolling at the school.

‘Never previously graduated’

Sewell never previously graduated from a high school, but he earned a GED. Somewhat ironically, he wore the number 22 for Ridgeway, identical to his age. He also set up a BeRecruited profile under his name portraying himself as an 18-year-old senior at Ridgeway.

‘Removed from the tournament playoffs’

“It has come to our attention that an ineligible player played in the closing minutes of the Region 8-AAA semi-finals against Whitehaven High School,” Memphis Community Schools said in a statement. “Ridgeway High School reported this information to the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association [TSSAA]. Ridgeway HS has forfeited that game and has been removed from the tournament playoffs.”

That removal has effectively ended the season for a group of players who had overcome significant hardship to reach the state semis. Most notably, one of the team’s assistant coaches was killed in his home in February. Now the team will have to stay home, with parents of the players furious at the Memphis Community Schools’ inability to catch Sewell before he had suited up for a game.

How did McKinzie Sewell get away with posing as a high school player? Is Memphis Ridgeway High also at fault here?

Source: Cameron Smith, Yahoo Sports

Image: My Fox Memphis

Helpless Dog Rescued After Photo Was Posted To Facebook

Dog lovers in Memphis, Tennessee, came to the rescue after a picture posted to Facebook showed a helpless pup with its head stuck inside a plastic container.

“If someone tied you up and went to go beating you or attacking you, there is nothing you can do. Same thing with that dog,” rescuer Jess McClain told local CBS affiliate WREG.  “If another dog came up and attacked him he can’t do a thing, or eat or drink.”

McClain and about a dozen other local residents helped in the search for the dog after fellow rescuer Beth Gresham posted a picture of the dog to Facebook last Friday: Gresham had tried to help the dog, but she says it was frightened and ran into the nearby woods when she attempted to approach it. No one is sure if the container was placed on the dog’s head intentionally or if it accidentally became stuck after looking for food.

The small white dog with black spots appeared very thin and was likely one of many dogs abandoned in the nearby woods, according to Gresham. Thankfully, the story has a happy ending. The Examiner reports that the dog, now named Miracle, was found on Saturday night after rescuers used container cutters to free it. The rescue team also found another stray dog during its search, and it looks as if both will find new homes.

Miracle’s rescue was a heartwarming example of social media being used for good. Gresham’s photo was shared by hundreds of local Facebook users and eventually picked up by WREG, which ran a story on the search for the dog.

Do you know of other situations where the social media was used to rescue a person or an animal? Share your heartwarming stories with us!

Source & Image: Yahoo News