Yao Ming Makes J.J. Watt Look Like A Little Kid

Yao Ming Makes J.J. Watt Look Like A Little KidI saw Yao Ming up close in person one time, at the NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas a few years back. And even among the NBA’s best players, Shaq and Dwight Howard included, Yao was the only one who was so big you couldn’t help but stop and stare as he walked by. He looks like he’s riding on someone else’s shoulders. It was amazing to see.

‘Cool picture’

If you saw J.J. Watt on the street, you’d probably do a double take even if you didn’t immediately recognize him, just because he’s such a large human being. He’s 6-foot-5 and 295 pounds. By any reasonable standard, that’s enormous. Next to Yao, in a cool picture of two Houston sports icons, just look at how small a 6-5, 295-pound man looks.

‘Freakishly large’

Yao, who is listed at 7-6, 310 pounds on his NBA.com profile page, is a full head taller than Watt (and what a head that is on Yao). Watt was already thinking of what Yao could do at the other defensive end spot for the Texans.

While NFL linemen are enormous individuals, it shouldn’t be forgotten how freakishly large most NBA big men are, especially Yao. Watt is right: Imagine an NFL quarterback trying to throw over that guy on the line on scrimmage.

Do you think this picture of Yao Ming and J.J. Watt is cool? Which sport do you prefer watching — basketball or football?

Source: Frank Schwab, Yahoo Sports

Image: Fox Sports

Jeremy Lin Accepts 4-Year Deal With Houston Rockets

Jeremy Lin has agreed to sign a four-year, $28.8 million offer sheet with the Houston Rockets, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The New York Knicks have vowed to match any offer Lin receives to keep him. The earliest Lin can officially sign the offer sheet is July 11. The Knicks would have three days to match or let him join the Rockets. Houston’s four-year offer to Jeremy Lin includes a team option in the fourth year. He would make $5 million in year one, $5.2 million in year two and $9.3 million in each of years three and four. The back-loaded offer is designed to hit the Knicks hard on the luxury tax.

The Knicks have publicly and privately indicated they plan to match any offer for Lin. Besides Lin’s promise as an NBA point guard, his ability to drive revenue for the Knicks – both regionally and internationally – is unprecedented for a player with such a limited body of work. As an Asian American, Lin’s popularity in the Far East could significantly benefit from him playing in Houston. The Rockets still have great brand recognition in China because of Yao Ming’s career with the franchise.

The Knicks understand that whatever they pay Lin – and whatever ultimate luxury-tax punishment results from going so far over the salary cap – could still be well worth the cost.

Lin averaged 14.6 points and 6.2 assists before his season ended with a knee injury in March. Lin had been in the Rockets’ training camp in the preseason, stuck behind Lowry and Dragic. The Rockets cut him before the start of the season. After Lin exploded into global stardom across several weeks with the Knicks, people wondered how teams like the Golden State Warriors and Rockets ever let him go.

If the Knicks offer Jeremy Lin a better deal, do you think he will choose the team over Houston Rockets? In your opinion, under which team would he do better as a player?

Source: Yahoo News

Image: The Windy Apple