U.K. Mosque Greets EDL Protest With Tea And Biscuits

U.K. Mosque Greets EDL Protest With Tea And BiscuitsA mosque has been praised for serving tea and biscuits to English Defence League supporters after the far-right group arranged a demonstration there.

‘Compassionate people’

About six people turned up to protest at the mosque in Bull Lane, York, on Sunday and were invited inside to play football with worshippers. More than 100 supporters of the mosque had gone there after learning of the planned EDL protest.

Father Tim Jones, who went to the Bull Lane mosque, which is situated in his parish, said: “I’ve always known they were intelligent and compassionate people and I think this has demonstrated the extent to which they are people of courage – certainly physical courage and also a high degree of moral courage… I think the world can learn from what happened outside that ramshackle little mosque on Sunday.”

‘Really beautiful thing’

Imam Abid Salik said: “We did have a few people who did come to protest but when they came some of the members of the mosque went over and they engaged in a conversation… Some people went over with cups of tea and biscuits, they were talking for about 30 or 40 minutes and then they came inside, which was a really, really beautiful thing.”

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Source: BBC News

Image: Nouse

Student Gets 8-Month Sentence for Hacking Into Facebook Server

A student who hacked into Facebook in “the most extensive and grave” case of social media hacking ever to come before a British court has been sentenced to eight months in prison.

Glenn Mangham, 26, admitted to infiltrating the website from his bedroom in his parents’ house last year, sparking fears by US authorities that Facebook was the target of industrial espionage. Mangham, a software development student from Cornlands Road, York, claimed that he had previously shown the search engine Yahoo how it could improve its security and said he wanted to do the same for Facebook.

But this was rejected by the prosecutor, Sandip Patel, who told Southwark crown court in London: “He acted with determination and undoubted ingenuity and it was sophisticated, it was calculating. This represents the most extensive and grave incident of social media hacking to be brought before the British courts.” Facebook discovered the breach in May and alerted the FBI, while Scotland Yard’s e-crimes unit raided Mangham’s home on 2 June 2011 following what Patel described as a “concerted, time-consuming and costly investigation”.

Mangham’s claim that he had always intended to alert the website to what he had done was a retrospective justification, rather than his motivation, he added. The student was also given a serious crime prevention order restricting his access to the internet and confiscating his computer equipment.

Facebook said in a statement that it applauded police and prosecutors’ efforts in the case, adding: “We take any attempt to gain unauthorized access to our network very seriously.”

Source: The Guardian

Image: Bangla News 24