Apple hints at new OS: OSX Lion; Releases Mac Book Air

At a recent Apple company event held this Wednesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs released the newest in apple notebooks otherwise known as Mac books. The newest version called the Mac book Air is the newest innovation to come out of Apple. Along with this newest Mac Book, Apple is also starting hinting about their newest OS or operating system. This newest OSX for apple users was announced to be named the OSX Lion.

Apple has always released new versions of their notebook computers of Mac Books. What makes the Mac Book Air so special are its dimensions. It has the typical 11 inch to 13 inch screen and has all the typical buttons, but it is only .76 inches thick and weighs a mere 3 pounds. That’s right people, .75 inches thick and 3 pounds. It doesn’t take a genius to know why it’s called the Mac Book Air.

“It’s one of the most amazing things we’ve ever created,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs about the Mac Book Air. “We think it is the future of notebooks.” Other features of the Mac Book Air include a solid state storage device instead of the typical spinning optical drive. This helps with functionality as well as with the size limits of the Mac Book. People are calling Apple’s newest innovation the lightest laptop ever made.

Along with the announcement of the Mac Book Airs, Steve Jobs and the Apple Company also released several other applications for Mac users including the newest digital lifestyle software called the iLife. They also released their version of video phone call software called FaceTime. These new software runs on all Apple desktop and notebook models.

Among the many other announcements, was the teaser announcement of their newest operating system, called the OS X Lion. This newest OS is said to be a combination of their latest OS and the iPad. This OS is gearing to be more mobile user friendly and compatible to other mobile devices by apple. Another feature of the Lion OS is its ability to run all the apple apps.

The Mac Book air is available in all Apple stores in 11 inch version and the 13 inch version. Storage will range from 64 GB for the 11 inch and 128-256 GB for the 13 inch. The Lion OS X is scheduled to be released in the next 90 days and will be available in all Apple stores beginning summer of next year.